Monday, August 13, 2012

Daily Gauges to Lose Weight with Herbalife

Assalamualaikum readers! 

Have you had you shake today? In this post, I just wanted to share some tips that will help us to success in losing weight with Herbalife. However this is not compulsory to follow and please consult your coach too. Remember our body system is different so results are varies between one person and another. Thanks for Firdaus Bob for his meaningful sharing yesterday during STS. Here are the 5 tips or gauges:
  1. No snacking
  2. No solid food 4 hours before sleep
  3. Drink plain water : normal body - minimum 3 liters, body weight > 100kgs - body weight x 0.07
  4. Follow 321 program : 3 x teamix, 2 x shakes, 1 x regular meal
  5. Regular exercise 30 - 40 minutes daily
If we follow this seriously, 10kg per month is achievable. Not guaranteed 10kg per month but you'll be losing weight and be more healthier, insyaAllah. Another tips is that please take note of what we eat 3 days back. What we eat 3 days back will determine how our body today especially on body fats and weight. Don't expect what we eat today will immediately take effect today. Be realistic and be thankful to Allah. Take the product seriously and don't quit. If we can be patient to increase our body weight for many years, can't we be patient to lose weight for several months? May this short sharing can benefit us, insyaAllah. :)

By the way,  this is Firdaus Bob who managed to lose 62kg in only 11 months. Amazing isn't it. :)

Lose weight now, ask me how. 012-2570677

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9n0L4 said...

mcm pernah dgr herbalife ni. :)

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