Thursday, August 09, 2012

Zerg Rush...Watch out!

 Just now my friend Khairul (Follow him on twitter now! He's one of the otai programmer) introduced me to a new game on Google. It's called Zerg Rush. At first, my friend ask me to go to and typed in "Zerg Rush". So I just do and hit enter. Suddenly these little fellow 'O' start coming and demolishing all the search results. So I just let it be before I knew we actually have to click-click at the 'O' so that it gone. It also show the gauge so that you know how much is the 'O' life left. Quite interesting. Try it! Here are some preview (Double click to enlarge).

The 'O' starts to demolishing each search result.

The 'O' comes from various direction.

The 'O's gathered at the end.

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