Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Last weekend...what happened?

Assalamualaikum readers! How are you going thru the Ramadhan? InsyaAllah another 10 days of Ramadhan, than we'll be having our 'Eid. It's sad that Ramadhan will be leaving us again this year because this is the best month for us to do a lot of good deeds with rewards multiplied. Let's pray to Allah so that we'll be seeing the next Ramadhan, insyaAllah. 

Last week, on Friday, me and my family went to a buka puasa event organized by the Herbalife Malaysia at Dewan Merak Kayangan (Felda), Kuala Lumpur. What was the best meal there? Of course the grilled lamb. Rice is not even touched by me that night. Hehe. If I took rice, than I can't eat others. Logic? We was there until almost 10pm because they're having the basic training as well about the product and sharing by three of the President's Team member, Fadzil Muda, Hj Allen Peter and couple Kapt Saiful and Pn Rahimah. Their sharing was amazing and inspiring, you should listen to them once. Our Herbalife Malaysia General Manager, K. R. Sridhar, was also at the event. 

After the event, we went to send Nana back to Ampang first before we shoot back to Ramun. It's balik kampong time. We used the Kajang Silk and LEKAS highway because mom said using there would make us reach our destination faster. No problem. We went thru that way and exit Senawang. From Senawang onwards we took the PLUS highway. Best thing was that we only arrive there the next morning. Because we stopped at one place and take a short nap there before continuing our journey. 

We were having our sahur at Batu Pahat. Forget to mention that we only use PLUS until Pagoh. As usual, we were having our aloe, tea and shake for sahur. We stop by a restaurant and bought 2 packets of chilled water to make our shake. Simple, easy, delicious and nutritious and we were ready to go thru the next day. Simply magical. Alhamdulillah. Actually we arrived at Ramun around 7am, almost 8am. Once arrived, we take a rest for a while because afterwards we were heading to Pasir Gudang for 2 appointments. 

We left Ramun at about 12pm or so to Pasir Gudang. First we met my UMP friend, Izwan. He's an engineer and a bodybuilder because he always goes to gym to do all those gym things. Last time he was quite big in size but not fat. But he's already lose much because of his discipline to go workout and take care of his meals. Unfortunately, his fats are stubborn enough to get out. He's changed a lot since he's practicing his gym. Then he found Herbalife. He's been taking it for a week now. When I met him last week, he was only 3 days on program and he feel good. Alhamdulillah.

 He consuming Herbalife because of the stubborn fats, he's at 7 on his visceral fat rating. It considered a lot for a guy who goes exercise regularly especially. Should've be only between 1 to 4. All of us also should be in that range. After sharing with him for about half an hour, we went a complex named Kompleks Bandar Pasir Gudang to meet another Herbalife customer, Jijah. She had been on program for 2 months now. Amazingly she lost almost 7kg since our last visit 2 months back. Alhamdulillah. Actually Jijah is a referral from my UMP senior, Khairul Afizan. 

Later that evening, we were still there to go one round at the bazaar Ramadhan. Located behind the bus station, near to the complex. It's 2nd time for me this Ramadhan I went to bazaar which I tried to go less. Usually me and my family would go to the masjid to break the fast and we will bring along the shake with us. There's variety of food choices I would say. We bought some so we can eat together with Mak Usu and family later for berbuka. And then we went back to Ramun. The end. 

Thanks for reading! Appreciate it. :)

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