Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ifthar with those PCA lads

Here we are at Bistro Qaseh, Section 13, Shah Alam
Yesterday me and those PCA lads were going to have our ifthar at Shah Alam Section 13. It's called Qaseh Bistro. I've been there before with my UiTM friends to have lunch. Quite a good place for those who are seeking Malay food. I recommended you to go there. The place was just behind Tesco Extra, nearby MSU Shah Alam. Yesterday's meal was RM23.90 per head. I only eat all the lauk-pauk, no rice because if I take the rice then I cannot enjoy other food. Smart way to avoid rice. Here are some pictures of my gila-gila handsome lads. All still single except Khairul. Haha. Happy viewing!

The foods
The foods and the peeps..while Team Lead Yunus giving his speech (LOL)
Izzat cannot tahan looking at those foods
Agoes is adjusting his seat before begin the eating session
The end. And afterwards, I went for my tarawikh prayer at MSU Shah Alam masjid. Others were going back to their home. (I don't know what they're all doing afterwards except whatsapp-ing nonsense, LOL).


siti said...

all single?
nak kenal sorang.. ;D

Suburbanzero said...

ha, nk knal yg mane tu? ;D

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