Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some thoughts...

Sometimes when I'm away from this page, the ideas to write all sorts of things happening around keep coming and coming and coming until I have not enough spaces. But when I come here to type it out, somehow it's like "Eh, where are you eh Mr Idea?" Well, no problem. There's always something to be write about. Don't care-lah anything can do. Haha. The 'eid is just around he corner. What's your preparation to celebrate this 'eid? New clothes? New shoes? New sofas? No problem. Do the preparation that suits you and your surrounding. Don't need to be all brand new. The old one still can be brand new if we keep it gently and with care. No need to spend so much money on new things. Let's be moderate and simple. Yes we have to be all new for this 'eid, but it's all start from inside. If our inside is still the same even after Ramadhan, than we have to think what have we done during this whole 30 days of holy month. The school of Ramadhan is to make us be a better person. We have been fighting with our nafs and suddenly at the end, we reverse back to our old selves. If that the case, we have to ask forgiveness from Allah big time. Ask Him to guide us. Pray, pray and pray. Make good deeds with people around us. And remember, always put Allah in our heart so that He will always guide us towards the correct way. That's it. Some advice I guess especially to myself and others. Wallahu'alam.

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