Tuesday, August 28, 2012

'Eid, holiday and wedding

Assalamualaikum readers,

It's been a week since my last post. Well actually the last post was set to auto post since I was away from Saturday the 18th onwards. It was a long week holiday because of the 'eid we're celebrating later that Sunday on the 19th. I was going back to Johor for 'eid celebration. Every year I'll be going back to Johor since it is my only kampung for now. My father is a KL resident so it is not consider kampung lah, correct or not? Hey, maybe next year I can celebrate 'eid at another kampung? Maybe my life-partner to be kampung, maybe. Who knows right? Well, it's TBC. This year around, only mak long's, mak ngah's family and mak uda's family was not around. No problem.

This year, I didn't buy any new clothes for this year's 'eid. Why? Because I think no need lah this year. Just use whatever I have right now. My baju melayu which I bought 2 years back was very loose for me to wear. Well, I've lost some kilos of course. Plus my father who have just came back from 'umrah at the holy land Mekah Al-Mukarramah last Ramadhan, he bought me a jubah dress. Alhamdulillah. I wore it during 'eid prayer. I was staying at my kampung until Tuesday. 

The next day as early as 4 am, we depart to Parit Sulong to visit my mak long's family. You know what, we ate mak long's nasi lemak that morning. You should try it when you come to Parit Sulong. Next we move on to Jasin to visit my customer, Izwan. Well, congratulation he lost some kilos and importantly he lost his excess fats. Who said body builder didn't need Herbalife? Even though you have a nice body, six packs and bla, bla, bla, still you need to take care of your body fats. How can you control it? Control your food and take enough plain water plus regular exercise. InsyaAllah. So far Herbalife helps us to control our food very much. After that visit, we went back to KL. 

My sister have started his work that evening, well, internship at Secret Recipe Subang Parade. Can't have a longer holiday. It's okay. After we sent her, I met another customer of mine, Afiq Ashril. The pilot with 100kg plus of weight. Yeah! Congratulations! Another kilo lost. That made up a total lost of 4.3kg in roughly 2 months. But his body reshaped amazingly. Until his friend thought he wore some other person uniform. Obviously his uniform need to be authored to smaller size. No problem Afiq. You have 7 months left before D-Day. 40kg is possible and achievable.

Actually, the next day we went back to Johor to deliver my customer's products and to visit my ibu's relatives. Most of them are at Batu Pahat. Ibu introduces to us to some of our far relatives, which are actually her cousins, aunties and uncles. Great, now I know how big is Hj Rais' family. Not including Hj Sukor's. Hj Rais and Hj Sukor is my great great grandfather. We went back to KL on Friday because Saturday we have many agenda. It's wedding day.

Not my wedding, my friends. Me? InsyaAllah next year, who knows right? First wedding was at Taman Melawati. It was my UMP clique, Hidayaht and Nurazimah. I know them both and they know me because we're all from the same batch. I attend the 'akad ceremony. Wonder how will I do if I am at his place. Will go through it one day, insyaAllah. Second wedding was my KMPk clique also my classmates at KMPk, Firdaus ans Azidah. It's been 6 years haven't meet them both. Classic. 3rd wedding was also my UMP clique and my junior, Naqib and Nadia. I think both of them are the student's rep at my university 2 batch after mine. Well, I wish all of them to live happily ever after until heaven, insyaAllah.

Yes, I think that's about it. Will write again next time. Don't forget to do puasa enam okay. Peace. Wassalam...

"Have Allah in your heart, you will have all"

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ct_nana said...

nak kawin nanti jgn lupe anto kad jemputan eh.. ;D

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