Tuesday, January 20, 2009

4 days story

Assalamualaikum and a very, very, very good day! Finally, I get the chance to write this post. Huahuahua. You know, it's been a very busy days since last Thursday (ye dok mung? ;P). Well, I've been not around last week. Going for 2 activities. This is the only chance right? Next semester I can never go for activities like this anymore because I'm going for my internship. That's the point la of course for me to be active to go to any activity in this very last semester.

Me and Azam inside the convention centre

Amat and the gang showing their happy faces after getting the I'M A PC sticker ;P

My journey started last Thursday at 4.00 am. You know right where did I went last Thursday? I told you already right? I went to the TechNet MSDN Technology Summit la of course. The event was organized by Microsoft. A very interesting event to attend. They introduced the new operating system by Microsoft, Windows 7. The latest one after Windows Vista. Even I haven't installed yet the Vista which I get it free when Microsoft came to UMP last 2 years if I wasn't mistaken. This seems I need to change my hard disk in this laptop. I think I'll buy the 250GB one. So that I can install XP SP2 + Vista + Windows 7 + Ubuntu 8.10. Amazing right? ;) I went with my Mobile Application Development classmates plus the diploma gang. Overall, the summit is very good. I wish to attend it again if they have it next time. Plus I get some freebies; t-shirt, a RM88 priced book, copy of Windows 7 Beta and copy of Microsoft Virtualization. ;)

The summit begins

We went back after the summit finished at 5.30 pm like that. And we arrived in UMP at almost 12.00 am. Then, I went back to my room. Rest a bit. Took shower. Packing my luggage. Went out again at 2.00 am. That's about 2 hours after I arrived here. Where am I heading this time? To UUM, Sintok, Kedah. Travel time almost 12 hours. And we went by UMP van. (Don't you tired man?) Of course la I'm tired, but I can sleep in the van what. I went to UUM with other 4 UMP students. I only knew one of them because she used to be the MPP secretariate. The other 3 I didn't recognize. But soon, we get along to know each other la. Among 5 of us, only me who did not hold any position in any organization currently. One of them is the President of MECHAPRO. The other one is EEES, CHEST and JPK committee.

The UMP 5's...huahuahua

We successfully arrived in UUM at 12.00 noon like that. As soon as we get into the main gate, the organizing committee of the program lead us to the registration counter. Oh, the program name I forgot to mention. It's National Conference : Malaysia Quality Graduates and Employability or it's shortform, MGE'09. After registration, we were taken to our residential. We stayed in University Inn. It's like their hotel la. Have aircond, Astro, hot water shower like that la. Hehe. Next to it is the masjid UUM, I can't recall what was the masjid's name.

The conference begins

The program starte after the Friday prayer. The programme have 6 sessions. However, we skipped tha last session because we took off early due to the long travelling time. If we took off at 5 pm, we'll most probably arrived in UMP at 4.00 or 5.00 am in the morning la. Oh no, no. I got class at 8.00 am in Monday you know. During the program, the most words that came out from the speakers' mouths was communication. You know why? Because most of them kept reminding the particiant that we all must have a good communication skill in order to get the job that we wanted or that we applied for in the future after graduate. From the talks, top one that lacks in Malaysian graduates is English. Even mine also is not very good. Huhu. I need to work more. Yeah! That was some of the important points that I get from the conference.

from left : UUM 1st yr std, MPP UDM Faizali, UDM Abu, Me, Hilmi MECHAPRO, UDM Ust Daus

The organizer also took us to Pekan Rabu and presents us with their own yet simple performance from their own students. I like tha nasyeed plus dikir barat one.

This was the one...the best ever...haha

Hehe. Oh, you know what. The committee members that organized this event was from DPP Proton members. It's like JPK here in UMP. I also get chances to get along to know some of the committee members, other universities delegates and also usha-ing this one makwe. Hehe. Jangan mare haa... ;P Overall, the program I can say it is a success for them. Congratulations!

do you see what I see? ;)

UMP vs UniKL


And that's for this one. Stay tuned for more. Peace yo! :)

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