Sunday, January 04, 2009

When my fingers are typing...

Assalamualaikum readers! Hope ya'll in a very, very good condition. ;) It's been raining very heavily here in Pahang, specifically in Kuantan, more specifically in Gambang, precisely in UMP. The rain didn't stop at all especially today. Like yesterday, it stopped for a while in the evening, i guess. Hehe. Nevermind, still can do indoor activities like eating, sleeping, studying, watching movies, running around the corridor and many more. I remember the rain once was like this. Last year I think. Did you remember about the big flood in Pahang last year, right? Haa..the rain was exactly like this rain and it continues up until 2 weeks non-stop. Great ain't it? Never play with the water if the water is flood especially the young ones. You know what I mean, right?

Since last night, I was trying to accessed this but it just couldn't. I guess the whole Google related site was down here. What a pain. I can't even Google-ing last night to Google. Huahuahua.

From last night until today's night, I have attended 2 group discussion. Well, both of them are the same group actually. It's my Software Project Management a.k.a SPM group. I'm being the leader because the others were using their majority power. You know why? In my group, there are 8 members including me. I am the only guys which is from section C33. Plus, our group have only 2 guys, me and Amin Bob. Do I have to write this? Like I always said, "No problem...";) The first meeting was only attended by 5 members including me. So are the second meeting. Where are the other three?? One was going back to her kampung, one was absent with explanation and one was making an excuse, very much. Hey man, we are all evaluating each other you know. Haa...I tell you ha, you better watch out. This is not a warning, just to remind you. Okay. ;)

Without an incomplete soldiers, we keep on going with the discussion. The discussion was mainly about "What's our company name?", "What RFP/RFQ of software application that we will present on this Tuesday?" and others. Is it? I don't think so. Haha. Well, the main point of the discussion was all about that 2 questions only. Finally but not confirmed yet, we have decided to put our company name "Ten10". Short and simple. I also have created a blog for the company, well, the lecturer asked that each company have their own blog so that the progress works could be updated in the blog frequently. Since Google require 6 characters minimum, so I decided to add "Corporation" at the end of the company name and became "Ten10 Corporation". Nice right? Hehe. You can access the blog here. While the others were doing other tasks.

In the mean time, I got a task given by a friend of mine. I was told to design a logo. But I can't tell you what logo is it because it's P&C. Later if the logo is out, then I tell you okay? ;) Currently, I have 4 logos overall. By tomorrow, I hope I can have 5 or 6 logos. I'll try to do my best. It's been months I have not using my Adobe Photoshop CS2 since last eXpoconvo'08. You know what, go learn how to Photoshop-ing. I guarantee, you won't regret. Today, graphic multimedia is also important you know especially in making banner for promotion, multimedia presentation and others. So, how about a try? ;)

This evening when I took a long break from designing the logos, I watched this movie from my laptop. The movie titled "A beautiful Mind". It's an old movie but not too old. You know what, I was really impressed by the story. It's a story about a mathematician named John Nash. You know what, I like the way he break the radio code. Hehe. Very damn expert. And also, there's other values in that story. Very interesting. Cikma told me that, the lecturers should watch the movie. ;)

I guess that's it for now. There will be more to come in the next post. So, stay tuned. Stay smart, stay cool. Peace!

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