Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When I starting to write again...

Assalamualaikum dear readers. Actually, I just wanted to share this. Hehe :

As you know, recently I went to UUM attending a national conference titled Malaysia Quality Graduates & Employability. So, what comes into your mind as you see those title? Any idea? Yes? No? You better think of it right now.

What is actually meant by quality? From my point of view, quality is very good in almost anything, reliable, trustworthy, soft skills equipped and so on. In today's job market, we knew about the unstable economy which may resulted in many unemployed. So, master your field if you really want the job. Do you like to get your job that you wanted or end up liking the job that you get? Think of it.

When we talk about skills, there are 2 categories of skills; soft skills and technical skills. Technical skills of course we must master as we are in the technical field. What about soft skills? Do you know what is soft skills? Yes? No? Go Google to know what it is. And you know what. We must be able to balance these two skills so that we are well balanced.

There's a word saying "equal yet to be different." Can you guess the meaning of it? It means that all of us have the equal level of education. But the different is that ones have more than the others. This is a competition among young graduates which has no job experience. Ganbatte!

There was a model named ASK model. It is actually a combination from the first alphabet; Attitude, Skills and Knowledge. By applying this model into our life, InsyaAllah, we can tune our life and make it better. ;) For me, I think that attitude is the most important part that needed to work out very thoroughly.

I think that's all for this one. Sorry a lot if my writing is worse. A thousand apology. ;) Peace!

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