Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Story at Convocation Day

Assalamualaikum readers! Kaifa haluk? How are you? Fine? Alhamdulillah...

This post is about what happened last Saturday. I woke up at about 6.20 am like that and then I took my bath, solat and so on lah. Not long after that, Mat Topo came to my room to pick me up. Ehehe. Supposedly, I need to go to KK2 that morning, but he came to pick me up by car. Ok la tu kan. Then, we went to KK2. We went to Jemin's house a.k.a the base. Jemin was still in the bathroom. So, we waited in the house for a while. Zam came not long after that with his blanket. Oi! Tak mandi lagi ke?

After both of them ready. We started our journey to Dewan Jubli Perak Sultan Ahmad Shah, Kuantan. I and Mat Topo went by car while the Jemin and Zam ride their bike. You know right why are we going there? Read previous post la geng. ;) We arrived there at 8.25 am like that. Wahlauwei.. Parents and graduates already there. Guards was also there standing at the main gate. Aisey. How to go in? I and Mat Topo went to park the car before planning how to get in. Jemin and Zam went in to search for place to inside the area. Not long after that, we gather to plan and discuss.

Suddenly, En Rizuadi came. Here came the idea. Haha. We asked En Rizuadi to talk to the guards to let us in. Taktik bijak. ;) We successfully get in. Alhamdulilah. We parked the car behind the parents tents. We setup our small stall there. Just a small one. Without the payung. So, we sell under the sun la kirenye. Even though we were like that, we get profit from our selling. Alhamdulillah. Not a very big profit, but it's enough and a good start for us. We were there until 1.30 pm. We ate(makan free kat situ le...hehe) first before we went back to UMP. That's the story. :)

Until then, stay tuned for more. InsyaAllah. ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

terharu seyh..
ad pic den cnun...

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