Monday, January 05, 2009

Damn it! Fake message alert

Assalamualaikum peeps! Recently, may laptop was attacked by a fake alert.

It happens like this. When I was browsing my folders of course I clicked and clicked at my folders right. Suddenly you know what, a pop up message appeared with a very long messages in it. You know what it says? It says this, "WARNING! VIRUS DETECTED! Some dangerous virus detected in your system and bla, bla, bla..." At the end, it says this, "Download protection software now!" And at the bottom of it, it says this, "Click OK to enable antispyware software. (Recommended)" Lastly, you are giving options to click either 'Yes' or 'No' button. I am for sure wouldn't click that 'Yes' button. Haha. So, I clicked 'No'. You know what happened? The browser changed to an internet explorer. Really evil, right guys?

So, I tried to remove it using my antiviruses (AVG and later I try install Kaspersky cause my friends said it work). Not working. Hmm..then I used my antispyware. Not working also. Ni boleh mendatangkan marah. ;P In the mean time, I also search the solution through the net. Finally, I found the solution at Yahoo! Answers. There's plenty of answers also. I'm using this software named NVT Rogue Software Remover. It is a simple program that will help you to easily remove from your computer specific malicious software such as the Rogue Software, Trojan.FakeAlert and Trojan.Fraud.Load. More about it, go here. It's really simple to use :

1) Download
2) Install
3) Open it
4) Click on "Settings"
5) Check "Clear BHO"
6) Click on "Scan your PC"

That's settle it! ;) That's all i wanted to share. Peace!

Source :
2) How to remove "Warning! Virus detected!" message?


bd fabregas said...

gunakanlah anti-virus bit-defender.. no 1 in the world..

Suburbanzero said...

waaa...aku pernah gune tu...abes virus2 kecik masuk ramai2 dalam laptop aku...pastu aku tukar ke kaspersky internet security...last2 skang AVG je daa...hehe

bd fabregas said...

ooo, avg free ke yg bayar?
anyway, linkkn blogger ump ni..
Blogger UMP
kalo nk letak banner cam kt blog aku lg dialu2kan..

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