Friday, March 06, 2009

Bowling + Gathering = Futsal

Assalamualaikum all! It's near the end of the week once again. The time is running so fast. So, we must overcome the time so that we'll never left behind. Okay. ;) This post is about yesterday. Yesterday morning, I was locked out from entering the class. First time in UMP. Aisey. I late for 15 minutes. There's also others who also been locked out with me. Haha. We waited outside until the class finished. Then, I went back to my room. After that, I called Mat Topo asking him to go to the chancellory with me. I just wanted to check my package from KL. Unfortunately, not arrived yet. Neverind, I went back to my room. Not long after that, Alang asks me to follow him to go to SK Kempadang. He got something to discuss with the headmaster regarding the program on this 20-22 March 2009. We head back to UMP at 1.00 pm after ending the discussion.

After I finish my solat Zohor at the masjid, I went to the chancellory again to check for the package. Still not there. So, I went back to my room. Later that evening, I was picked up by Jemin and his roomies to go to Kuantan Megamall. Haha. You know why I went there? To play bowling lar. ;) Yan and Ara also was there. We played 2 frame. I scored 74 and 77 only. Haha. So few. And I was the last in ranking. ;P It's okay. Beginners. Hehe. After finished, we went to solat Asar before going back to UMP.

That evening, actually I have gathering with my MPP family. I arranged a dinner with them at Mahkota Tom Yam. Yesterday, I went directly from Kuantan to the place because I couldn't reach UMP in time. The others went from UMP. We managed to gather only 15 of us because Anjang and Ucu couldn't make it. Nevermind. ;) As soon as we arrived, we make our food order. And then, Alang made his short speech. As usual lah. We started to eat as soon as maghrib azan with water because our food didn't arrive yet. After finish eating, we perform solat Maghrib. After that, some went back to UMP because got class and I went to Tunas Mart with Alang, Ude and Achik. Actually, Ude who wanted to go there. The best part was, she didn't bring her money. Kuang3. ;P After finish buying things there, we headed back to UMP. We arrived on the right time; iqamat for solat Isya'. After Isya', I and Alang went back to our room to rest.

Later that night, Awe called and asks me to join him and Adik to go to Gambang for minum-minum. I said okay, no problem. Then he came to my room and charged his handphone. Alang also here at the room and he also will be going out that night to send Apis to the bus terminal. Alang said better we go out together at midnight. And then, arise an idea to play futsal. Memang cantek sangat la tuuu...haha. ;) Alang have the permission letter from fellow to came in late to UMP. And we planned out to play futsal after that. Awe established connection with the kaki futsal at KK2. We played futal with Civil-ians 3rd year student that night at Kg Tiram. Before we go out, I went to Ucu's house for a while to help him with the web hosting things. We departed at 11.25 pm from UMP to the bus terminal first. Faris and Azim also followed us. After that we went to Kg Tiram.

We arrived there at 12.20 am. We thought we're late, but our game will only start at 1 am. Aisey. We waited and waited. At last, good one la. We played 2 hours, 2 goals or 7 minutes which one comes first. And winner stays. It's been a long time I haven't played futsal. ;P Only played street soccer at the evening with my BCS batch friends. Hehe. I only get my golden touch when I put off my spectacle. Because my spectacle will fly off if I run too much. Muahahaha. The outcome, 2 goals for me. Kire ok what? ;) After that, we went to Taj Point to minum-minum for a while and head back to UMP at about 3.30 am like that.

Now, I still feel tired. Aisey. Lucky to have only one class today. Huhu. Well, that's all for this post. Do stay tuned with me. Don't go away. ;) Zrasss!

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