Friday, March 06, 2009

Programs come again...implementing experience

Assalamualaikum all! This post supposed I write it yesterday. Well, nevermind. Hehe. Once again, I'll be involving in two programs or activities. One is the SMASS's program and the other one is MPP's program. I was called to attend 2 meetings in one night. I attended both of it.

SMASS stands for Sekretariat Mahasiswa Anak-anak Sabah & Sarawak (Sabahan & Sarawakian Students Secretariat), I think so the name. Right me if I'm wrong, kay. ;) Maybe many who know me will asks, why are you in this program? You're not Sabahan or Sarawakian. Haha. Of course I'm not, but my experience is needed here. I'm leading the Multimedia & Documentation Committee and partnered with one Sarawakian girl named Soffia from my faculty also, 1st year student. I'm also kinda like this job scope. Playing with photoshop designing banners, posters and others. Hehe. Oh, I forgot to tell ya'll what's the program name. It's named Program Mahasiswa Bersama Masyarakat (Students with the Community). The concept is like the anak angkat program; means during the program, we'll be given a family to stay with. And that family is like our secondary family, something like that la. And we'll also having activities with primary school students and the community. It'll be done in Kempadang, Pahang. InsyaAllah.

The MPP's program that I'm involving is the UMP Interfaith Dialogue. I had given trusts to handle the Publicity & Promotion Committee. Means, I'll not be doing the snapping, snapping camera work la. Hehe. It's better. I'll tell you why at the end later. My partner in this committee is Cornelia, 1st year student. Didn't remember which faculty. Hehe. I'll be doing the designing part as usual la, she'll handle the promotion part. That's called task distribution. ;)

The best part was, both programs will be occured on the same date. Means, there's a clashing of date there. I'll have to divide myself into two like amoeba. Haha. No la, I havemy own strategy. Don't worry. You know me la kan. :)

Well my valued readers, that's all for this post. I have more post after this. Chiow! ;)


Dyat said...

Ada ya sekretariat untuk geng si Zery dan Suria?... hihi

Suburbanzero said...


Shitsurei shimashita said...

happy working :)

strategy & tactics..hmm..u r the man

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