Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Kak Siti's wedding

Assalamualaikum readers! How are you today? Not going anywhere? I went to Kuantan this morning. It was raining damn heavy you know. Alhamdulillah. It's raining. :) I went to the CIMB cash deposit machine at Teruntum Complex to deposit some money to my ibu. Business matters. Hehe. Well, this post is not about that. It's about last Sunday.

Last Sunday, me, Alang, Awe, Adik and Achik went to Bentong for a wedding. It was Kak Siti's wedding day. We departed from UMP at about 10.30 am like that, following through the LPT highway and exited at Karak. As we exited Karak, the project manager of this trip, Awe lead the way. Oh, before that, we went there with 2 cars only. Awe lead us and we sesat-sesat for several times. Hehe. Well, we're not from there yo. ;) At last we arrived. Alhamdulillah.

As we arrived, we saw the bride, the bridegroom and the family members were taking photos outside the house. I also took the photos. But the weirdo is, where is other guests?? Why only we were there. Kak Siti mentioned that the've all gone back. Why so fast one lorr.. It's just 2.30 pm guess so. Aiya. Nevermind la. Then Kak Siti invited us to eat first, so we ate lah right. Hehe. Finish eating, we went inside to meet the celebrated persons. We also took photos with the pengantin and then we head back to UMP. That's all lah for this post. Stay tuned for more. ;)

p/s : Achik, kawen le cepat. Kan dh ade calon ;P


Shitsurei shimashita said...

tahniah kepada beliau. semoga kekal hingga ke akhir hayat. Amin.

iManAzRaf said...

wek2.. sabo la... kn achik xabis baljo g... bwk brtng.. i know abg xsbr nk bg achik hdiah yg best kn? hehe

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