Tuesday, March 03, 2009

From my lens : Around "Jom Masuk U!" carnival

Assalamualaikum all! Just some pictures from last Saturday program.

Mingo-Mingo ice cream ready to open.

Am I a Santa Claus? (siot Yamin)

Surya & Jemin with their dadih.

Dato' Seri Najib after the opening ceremony.

What's very interesting at the laptop? ;)

School peeps also came.

Cool t-shirts

Hot but cloudy

Malaysian astronaut, Dr Faiz

Matt and Ayie wandering around

Mr Suffi and Mr Astronaut

Adik, watchout for that longkang ye

Whad da ya lookin at??

The banner

The exhibition place after 5 pm


Mohd Hazaruddin said...


i saw the pic yang ada caption "Malaysian astronaut, Dr Faiz" ...
ada lagi pak guard ni?

pak guard yang paling tak di senangi masa aku d Univ dulu ...


Shitsurei shimashita said...

awat lengang ja tu? awek dr.faiz tak mai ka?

Philly Leesa said...

wah!!..perut jamil a.k.a Jejaka Jambu dah kempis laaaaa.....hahahaha

Ir. aSuRaMaRu™ said...

yo bro JJ....
x amik lak gmbr aku masa beli aiskrim kat situ ye???? xp

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