Sunday, March 08, 2009

From my lens : Hangout @ Kuantan Mega Lanes

Assalamualaikum guys and girls!
Last Thursday, me, Jemin & Co., Yan & Ara went to bowling at the Kuantan Mega Lanes at Megamall. Here's are some of the pictures. Happy viewing! ;)

Jemin & Yan posing together...baik2 pegang bola boling tu bang...hehe

Jemin's Co. - the dadih crew. From left > Jai, Daus, Wak, Black

From left > Jai, Jemin, Yan, Me, Ara... The Malaysian jersey fits me...haha

Colourful balls.

Wak doing his swing ball skill...

Daus with his skill...

Ara also...haish...

And the dadih boss, Jemin... ;)

Scoreboard... I flunked...hahaha


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