Monday, March 16, 2009

eXpoconvo'08 gathering@Balok

Assalamualaikum readers! As I said before in my previous post, this post is about what happened on last Sunday. Last Sunday, I and the ex-secretariat of eXpoconvo'08 was having a gathering BBQ at Balok beach, Kuantan. The weather that morning is cold and a bit rainy. Tido pon sodapp! Hehe. I went to wait for the bus at 9.15 am. Unfortunately, Bob Solah was there. Haha. Tumpang motor sket... When I arrived at the bus station, there wasn't so many secretariat. About 70 to 80 members. Well, only 2 buses were going to Balok. Nevermind, as long as the program run as planned. ;)

Okay, I'll make this one a quick one. As we arrived there, it's raining lightly. Then, the rain was heavy. Then, the rain pour lightly and heavily and lightly and so on. Well, the weathers was like that I guess. Nevermind. The activities goes on. The others went on with the activities, while I and some of us lighted up the fire for BBQ-ing the chicken parts. But the chicken parts arrived late that evening. Haish. I BBQ-ing the chicken parts until 3 pm before going to solat Zohor and came back to eat. Haha. I'm done with the BBQ-ing thingy. I wanted to go to the beach. I went to the beach then. And that time, it was raining. While I and the others playing volleyball at the beach until Asar. Then, I went to take my bath and solat Asar before we pack up to go back to UMP. I guess that's all for this post. Thanks all for participating in the gathering. I love you all! Haha. ;) These are some pictures from back then. Enjoy!

Bob is searching an area for him to sit down ;P

Firstly, we put in the charcoal and light it up...ape gelak-gelak Gapz ;P

"Oh Azizah, terimalah cintaku ini," maybe this is what was expressed by ;)

The chefs for the day...masak je pun...haha

Peace, no war...

The game begin....pijak belon dia...hahaha(gelak jahat)...

Hey, that's me lah ;)

Blue Team vs Green the midle of raining...

Big to Biggest...Siot ko Gapz...xleh nak candid...

Before packing up to go back to UMP...Ape pandang-pandang Bob?? Ade hutang ke??

Sleeping??...Pose tido keletihan tahap cipan oleh Dzul...jangan mara haa... ;P

Me that tshirt...haha...sempat pose satu...siot jerk...

Ish...what took the bus soooo long???? I'm dang boring here waiting.



i-sYah said...

luv the sixth pic (^_^)
memorable day~

Suburbanzero said...

semoga berjumpa lagi di lain program...insyaAllah

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