Saturday, March 14, 2009

I have no idea

Assalamualaikum all! How's life? Better? Good! I like it. ;) So, what's new? Brand new shoe? New hair? New Spirit? New laptop? New you? Well, it doesn't matter cause if it's new, it will still be old. Haha. What am I talking about. Hey, chill yo!

It's Saturday, and the week was again passed. So many things still didn't settle. Felt like it tisn't enough 24 hours that Allah gave to me. Have I spent it right? Astaghfirullah. Human being, always like that. Even if you give them a mountain of gold, they still wanted more and more. The gold would be a good gold if we spent it wisely. Else, it would be nothing. It's for us to think la.

For the previous week also, I've been called to be the interviewer (I've mentioned about it in my previous post) for interviewing the future MINDS 2009 facilitator. Still, I have been gone through about 8 sessions of interviews, only one person managed to answer the UMP soft skills element correctly. It's UMP soft skills elements, only 5; leadership skills, teamworking skills, communication skills, values and learning capabilities. Come on lah brother and sisters... Remember it okay? ;)

I think it's all for this post. Wanna go out for a while. Jemin asked me to follow him to watch movie at Kuantan. Dragonball Evolution. Huahuahua. See ya! ;)


emmasofia said...

Huaaarrgh!! i want to follow watching movie too!

Abang, do u apply the element of softskills in your work? hehe

Suburbanzero said...

hehe...of cos la...but sometimes, ngelat also... ;P

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