Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Alert to all UMP (Universiti Malaysia Pahang) Bloggers!

Assalamualaikum all especially UMP Bloggers no matter you're active or not or both. There's somethong interesting here. Wanna know what? ;) I quoted this from bd fabregas's blog. Read it :

"Aku ada satu projek baik utk bebudak UMP.. Aku bercadang untuk membina satu blog khas yang berteraskan komuniti blogger2 UMP.. Dengan adanya blog ini nanti, kita dapat meningkatkan network kita bukan sahaja di kalangan blogger2 UMP tetapi juga dengan pembaca2 luar.. Secara tidak langsung dengan terciptanya blog komuniti UMP nanti, hits trafik untuk blog korang dapat ditingkatkan.. Jadi, sebelum wat blog komuniti UMP ini, aku nk survey dulu sesapa yg berminat nak join.."

Join the group below if you're interested in this project :

P/S : This offer was made to anyone who was or still a UMP-ians (KUKTEM-ians also can lah rite?)


Sengal Ubi said...


I supposed this is going to be a very interesting agenda. A community of UMP bloggers should be set up as an interactive and dependable medium to give information to students and staff of UMP. I second the idea and I hope to see progress in it. Just let me know if I can be any help for the establishment.

bd fabregas said...

tq psl linkkan ke entri tu..

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