Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Do you know how to fly colours?

Assalamualaikum guys and girls, ladies and gentleman. Tuesday, 4th November 2008, I don't have final exam papers. So, today I'm a bit huha, huha besides doing my Artificial Intelligence excercises. Hehe. ;P In the noon, just after solat Zohor at masjid UMP, there was a tazkirah given by Ustaz Hazmi. As I sit down at my usual spot, I saw someone that I knew. It was Amri, my senior here. He's currently on the way to finish his practical at UTM Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur. He also aware of me there. Just after Ustaz Hazmi finished his tazkirah, I went to see Amri who sat just nearby me spot. We shaked hands. There were also some friends of him who I never met before and Lan, the nasi lemak guy. I asked Amri wether he had finished his practical. He said that he got another 3 weeks to go. Great! He's going to graduate soon. I'm waiting for my turn next. InsyaAllah.

Amri and his friends were here because they were called to attend an interview here. Wah. It seems Amri also will be working here at UMP. He applied for the IT man here. As I keep chatting with him and his friends, I kept thinking, it's good they've made it this far. Not long enough they'll be working. I'm very looking forward for mine. I have missions to be accomplish. Initially, I must finish my degree here at UMP. I want to graduate with flying colours++. Don't want with flying kites because I know how to fly kites. Colours, I still don't know yet how to fly them. Hehe. ;P About my next mission, I'll tell you when the time is come okay? ;)

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pANtHer_pINK said...

All the best Jamil~

FaHim aL said...

jgn riso..aku kn slalu support blog ko =p

Suburbanzero said...

tqs all! err...xde baju free kayh...hehe

EmcEE_SubZeRo said...



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