Monday, November 03, 2008

My journey to Phuket, Thailand - Part 1

Assalamualaikum my friends! We meet again. Well, I was just returned back to UMP last Saturday. I was planning to update by blog while I'm on the go but unfortunately the internet wasn't free there. It's rated at 120 Baht per hour. Very expensive right? ;) Nevermind, I still can update it here at UMP. Actually, I was there for a convensyen named "Regional Convention on Student Development". It was held at Puket Graceland Resort & Spa, Phuket, Thailand. Let me start the story.

I went to Phuket with 9 others; Cikma, CikD, Ude, Anjang, Suffi, Sazwan, 'Izzat Don, Izyannisa' and Izzah. We depart from UMP to the North on Monday at 10.30 pm like that by UMP bus. I don't sleep at first wh nthe bus departed like I usually do when I travel by bus. Instead, I have a little chat with Suffi the YDP. He told me that he wanted to construct a blog. I said,"Great, just do it." But he still wanted to collect the information before he can write the blog. And we also chat about other issues that I don't clearly remember. ;P First, we stopped at Temerloh R&R to eat and drink something there. Just a quick one before continuing the journey. After that, I slept until we arrived at somewhere in Perak which I don't remember the R&R name. It's the one near to Kedah one I think. We stopped there to solat Subuh and have our morning tea (I drank milo...hehe). After the quick break, we continued our journey. We were supposed to be at UUM (Sintok) that evening; Tuesday, 5.00 pm.

We've arrived early at 10.00 am at Changloon. Then, Cikma bring us to have our lunch at a restaurant named Pokok Sawa. She said that the ikan bakar there was the best. Unfortunately when we arrived, the ikan bakar is still not served. So, we decided to just eat what is served. The meal and the price was good. I recommended you to go there to eat when you go to Perlis. ;) After that, we continued our journey to Masjid Syed Putra Jamalullail, Perlis. We cleaned up ourselves and solat jama' qasr Zohor and Asar there. As soon as we finish, moved to Kangar and took a walk there. I and the boys went to a market there to buy some snack to eat. Then, Cikma brought us to her Pak Su's house near there. That time was almost 4 pm in the evening. This was our last destination before we went to UUM. Pak Su is a very well educated person; so do his children. I saw it by the graduation day pictures of his children that was hanged at the wall of his house. He was a teacher back then and he told us about he travelled around during his bujang days. An interesting man he is. FYI, Shahidan Kassim's house was in front of Pak Su's house. ;)

At 4.30 pm, we moved to UUM. As we arrived, we waited for others to come. It was 3 buses I think that depart with us. We waited at UUM's HEPA. I found something interesting there. All clubs and associations have their own post box at HEPA UUM. And there were many clubs though. I wonder if one day UMP could have one like that. ;) After all participants have arrived, we transferred our luggages into UUM's bus because we travelled by UUM bus, of course. En Saha and En Shahrizai also followed us. We depart from UUM at almost 6.30 pm like that after we filled in the travelling forms. 7 pm, We first arrived at the Malaysia Immigration post. We give our passport to the officer and he stamped it. Then, we went into the bus again and continued our journey to the Malaysia-Thailand border. The time was 7.30 pm. Again, we give our passport to the officer there and he stamped it. Only then we were valid to pass through the border.

That was the first time I went crossed the Malaysian border to Thailand. ;) Well, I've never been to other nation. But the earth is still the same right? The only thing that different was name; Malaysia and Thailand. Then, we ate at a restaurant there. I also solat jama' qasr Maghrib and Isya' at the musolla there. According to them, the journey will take about 8 hours. Wow. That's really a long journey though. Looks like we have to be in the bus all night long. I was at first a bit surprised because when I look at the restaurant's watch and my watch, there's a one hour gap. Means, Thailand time is one hour late than Malaysia. Then I got it, the fact that Malaysia time is one hour quick. Hehe.

We continued our journey to Phuket at 9.30 pm (Malaysia time). In the bus, what's more can I do. Just sleep lah. Hehe. ;P I also didn't realize how many time have the bus stopped. Nevermind. As long as we arrived safely to our destination. Thailand is still preserving their culture even though there were many development that was going on, like Suffi said. I was awaken when the bus stopped but I don't went out because there was nothing to do outside there and it's dark. Can't even play soccer. Ehehe. ;)

Continue reading in Part 2... ;)

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