Monday, November 03, 2008

My journey to Phuket, Thailand - Part 2

Continued from Part 1

At last, on Wednesday 5.30 am like that, I woke up and we were there in Phuket. :) Alhamdulillah, we arrived safely. One thing that played in my mind that morning was, where are we going to solat Subuh?? I kept thinking that until we enter the hotel where the convensyen was held. Then, Suffi suggested that we just solat at the wide area. So, we took our wudhu' and perform solat Subuh at a wide area on the 3rd floor of the hotel, nearby the gym.

After that, we went out from the hotel because we can only checked in at 12 in the noon (Thailand time). Aiya. Nevermind. We went to look for breakfast with USIM delegation after a brief explanation about the place and where can we get halal food there from the organizer officer. On the way while looking for the food, we took pictures lah as usual. Hehe. Phuket was once destroyed by tsunami. Looks like the were now back into business again. Not long after that, we found a small stall that served halal food. En Saha also was there when we arrived. I ate rice with chicken curry and cabbage. The curry looked delicious. So, I took it like I always do; three spoon of it. And the results, damn hot the curry. Luckily I didn't take spoonfull of it. If not, maybe I can't finish it. Hehe. Sazwan ate it in front of the fan. ;P The price for mine's was 40 Baht. Just like eating at UMP cafeteria. The price I mean. But, it's okay. Importantly it's halal. ;) After breakfast, we walked through the place. The place where we stayed named Patong.

As we were going to continue our walk, the rain fell. We took a shelter at in front of an Arab restaurant. The rain had slowed down. I turned my face to the ATM place; the others sheltered under there except me and Suffi. Aiya. They were gone. Then I and Suffi went to look for them until the Family Mart besides the Hard Rock cafe. They weren't there. So, we decided to go back to the hotel. As soon as we arrived there, we rest for a while in front of the receptionist counter until we can check in. Anjang and Izzah was also there. CikD later went back to the hotel from following the others. We checked in as soon as 12 noon. Finally, we checked in. I was in a room with Suffi and CikD. Our room numbered 2737. After that, we cleaned up ourselves and went out again at 3 pm (Malaysia time). We were planned to go to the masjid nearby to solat. The masjid name Masjid Nurul Huda and the solat hall was at the top. Just 15 minutes walk from the hotel. I'm glad to found a masjid there. :) Means the place was also populated by Muslims. Alhamdulillah. After solat, we met some kids which were there playing among themselves under the masjid. We also had a time to took pictures with them.

After that, we went to meet Anjang and Izzah at Dubai Restaurant. It's a halal restaurant. We were having our lunch there. I ate chicken briyani costs 220 Baht and a cup of tea costs 30 Baht. Expensive right? Very much expensive. But nevermind. I just want to try it. Hehe. ;) Then we went to this souvenir shop. I bought souvenirs for my classmates and friends. It costs me 730 Baht. The price wasn't bad. I finished almost all of my Baht money that time. Hehe. Later then, we went to a souvenir shop that was almost 30-45 minutes away from the hotel; by walking. I bought souvenir for my classmates. Later that evening, we went bck to the hotel to prepare for dinner that night.

The program started with a dinner that night. It was held at the Orchid grand ballroom if I'm not mistaken the name. All of us were having dinner as the opening ceremony for the convention. One the guest of honor that I know was UUM Vice Chancellor, Tan Sri Nordin Kardi. Prof. Dr. Abd Jalil was also there. The dinner end up at 10 pm (Malaysia time). Then we went down to the lobby as for it was still early to sleep. Hehe. ;P The plug point there was meant for two pinned plug only. Aisey. Means, I can only charged my Sony Ericsson phone and the DSLR camera. My laptop, it dead while I'm transferring the pictures. Alahai~~

Continue reading in Part 3... ;)

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