Saturday, November 08, 2008

From my lens : Phuket - Been there


Patong Beach...we were there

Muslim Cemetry besides our hotel


Dogs there know how to cross the road.

The only cat that I found

Hotel Ibis...I thought Hotel Iblis ;P

Her face is almost like Razan's...her cousin maybe??

Tuk-tuk taxi

Father and son

The beach and a cloudy morning! *&%#^@!

Do not swim here, go to the beach...

Want some massage?

Surfs up!

*Wonderful creation of Allah*


Ray Jr said...

wtpe kt phuket??wah pg patong beach gak ek??aku nginap kt sne r dlu..haha..mlm lgi best kn jln2 kt patong town...haha

Suburbanzero said...

haha...patong ar beb..aku ari tu ade konvensyen serantau ngn dak2 mpp...kire x-mpp + mpp baru la...hehe...malam2 kat sane mmg happening ;)

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