Tuesday, November 11, 2008

From my lens : Penglipurlara Malam Hari - Quantum of Teluk Chempedak


This story is about 3 friends...

*click picture to enlarge*

Thanks for viewing. ;)
Directed by : Jamil a.k.a Suburbanzero

Story by : Jamil a.k.a Suburbanzero

Actors (according to order of appearance) : Azam, Nizam, Akak kat KFC TC, Jamil

Photographer : Azam and Jamil a.k.a Suburbanzero


Download this episode!

Brought to you especially by JJ Production

*Love your life*


aMMerZ said...

~haha, since i was the first person to loathe here, yeah..Quantum of S%$#..haha, ceh, xinvite pun aku g tgk quantum of solace..huhu,:p

Suburbanzero said...

mane la aku plan nk g sane...hehe...tu pn plan alternatif...asalnye nk g pantai sepat jalan2 buang tensen dalam laut tu..haha...

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