Thursday, November 13, 2008

Damai 2nd edition : 17 copies completed, another 93 copies to be completed

Assalamualaikum friends! Alhamdulillah. Just now, I went to see Abg Rahmat to take the first 17 copies of Damai. We met at the payung putih near cafetaria. He is also here to pick up his wife and going back to KL. Damai was printed using digital printing. It's because the quantity of it didn't exceed more that 1000 copies. For 1000 copies above usually the printing company will do offset printing. After I get all the copies, I'm going to hand it to the MPP for distribution. The distribution includes to faculties, PTJs and IPTAs. Since the copies are limited, maybe one or two copies each is enough la kot. Hehe. The remaining copies I'll get it next week on Thursday. It seems I need to be here lah until Thursday. Huhu. Lambat lagi la aku balik SJ ni. Wallauw~~

Damai is actually MPP bulletin. I went to the Publication Department at UMP admin's office twice just to review the final draft of the bulletin. Before that, I went to see Prof Jalil first to asks for his comments about the final draft. Well, I'm new. Hehe. After the first repair, I went to see En Arman to asks for his comments about the repaired one. That took me about 2 months before proceeds to printing.

For printing, I have choose Abg Rahmat's company since I've already discussed with him long, long time ago about the bulletin. Hehe. Then I asks him to come out with the quotation and then the quotation will be given to the Bendahari. Bla, bla, bla... There's too many process after that. Until the LO (local order) came out and I gave it to Abg Rahmat so that he will get the payment from the university. Nak bayar sendiri modal xberapa nak ada kn. Hehe.

So, I guess until here only I want to write about this post. Stay tuned for more updates from me. Chow. Peace! ;)

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elliashah said...

rindu pada DAMAI hehe, buletin and the trip. thanks sbb continue the DAMAI name. It's worth it.

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