Saturday, November 15, 2008

RM350 per kg...ada brani??

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters! Do you like worms? Not the virus one, you know what I mean right. These worms...

That's right. Do you know what it can do? Yes? No? Nevermind. Just asking. Hehe. Actually yesterday morning, I and a group of UMP students went to a farm. A farm that breed worms. ;) It was organized by the Kelab Keusahawanan a.k.a KAWAN (Entrepreneurship Club) The company claimed to be the largest company in Malaysia that do this worms business. The worm breeding is actually took its place in Malaysia long time ago but sadly it was not being commercialized. Because of that, Indonesia have taken the advantages to start the business. Usually we know that worms can be used to make fish food right? Yesterday, the project manager said that worms also can be made into cosmetics thingy thing. Amazing right? ;)

We went to their office first to hear briefly about this business from their Project Manager, Mr. Abdul Razak Mamat. He explained briefly whats the business is all about, how is the breeding process, how they harvest the worms and other related information. Quite an interesting business though. ;) The breeding process is not hard. Just need some patience. Hehe. Yesterday was also the first time an IPTA came to the company to see live how the business is done. There were also requests from oversea for worms. The price for one kilogram of it is RM350. Amacam, ada brani? ;) Before they bring us to the farm, they served us with some kuih-muih and tea.

At 11 am like that, we were brought to the farm. There, the worker showed us live how the worms is breeding. They have like a house to put all the container. The worm and the medium (it's like soil made by using goat dung plus wood chaff waste a.k.a hampas habuk kayu) is put in a container. And there were about hundreds of them. The total weight of all worms there at the farm is 4 tonne if I'm not mistaken. Our visit there ends at 12.00 pm like that. Then the delegation representatives gave the R3 Worms representatives a souvenir. We also took pictures together then. It was a very meaningful visit there because I learnt many things. Especially about worms breeding. More information about the company, you can get it here. Okay then. Stay tuned with more updates from me. Chow! ;)


bd fabregas said...

haa, bab2 cacing ni aku mmg pakar..
penternak2 baru akan igt diorang ternak cacing & kemudian diorang jual blk cacing tu lps bertambah..
tp sbnarnya hasil yg plg utama dlm ternak cacing ni adalah baja vermikompos iaitu tahi cacing..
nk komen panjang2 nanti jd cam entri plak, so kalo nk info lebih ttg penternakan cacing, check blog ni..
ni bukannya berdasarkan teori semata2 tp juga pengalaman..

Suburbanzero said...

baik pnya info...
thanks la bro

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