Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Reebok is half dead

Assalamualaikum again! I just came back from playing futsal at Indera Mahkota just now. Precisely, I was from the kedai makan. Makan-makan there after tired playing futsal, it's usual nowadays. ;) I played futsal with the post graduate (Abg Najib's troop) and 3 others are undergraduate; Zulhasifi, Addli and Naim. I had a really, really bad performance last night (ceit..macam superstar la plakkk... ;P) plus my Reebok shoe (left one) was broken. Huhu. I'm actually realize that the shoes will be broken one day because I saw the signs. Yerp, the signs. Signs telling me that, "Hey, go stitch your shoes!"

Unfortunately, it was time for it to broke. I think later I'll go to the cobbler when I get back to Subang Jaya. ;) In last night, I managed to put in 3 goals for myself. The first one is a luck, I guess. I actually heads the ball but it was stopped by the goalkeeper. Then the ball reflected and my knee heads for the goal (kire double header la ni). Hehe. The second and third goals is the real goal. Not luck goal, okay. ;) I had many chances but I failed to score. I still have this mindset, "I'm not good in one-on-one with the goalkeeper." Alahai~~ Next time, I'll try to throw away that negative mindset. InsyaAllah. I also tried a left foot volley but it hits my teammate. Aisey. Sori la bang. One more volley was a mistake when I put a wrong body posture. If not, it would be a nice goal (perasan la plak...haha). :)

Well, I think it's a good sign for me to be active in sports again. In the mean time, I'm waiting call-ups and the training for next year's MASUM Hockey League. It's been a long, long time (actually it's a year) I'm not involving myself in hockey since I was the MPP (I can't even show up in training...huhu). Last words from me in this posts, do not forget to excercise. ;) Peace! Salam...

*Opportunities wouldn't come if we don't look for it*

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